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ACNE PRONE SKIN :NATURAL CARE SET 1.0【 粉刺痘肌:基本天然护肤配套1.0 】

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Suitable for acne prone and congested skin care.

i )  Lavender Essence Toner-250ml
ii)  Pure Seaweed Particles Face Sheet Masque-12g x 5pcs
iii) Black Rose Seed Seaweed Particles Face Sheet Masque-12g x 5pcs

* FOC a facial mask mould plate.

Calming skin redness/acne, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, repair damaged skin, healthy skin texture.

Natural Ingredients:

Lavender–Tone & balance skin texture, tighten pores, anti-inflammatory, acne & congested skin repair.

Marine Algae (Seaweed)–Seaweeds are algae that grow in the sea and are cryptographic plants in the plant kingdom. It is rich in a variety of life active substances, such as polysaccharides, highly unsaturated fatty acids, taurine, carotenoids, steroids and kelp acid, etc., whether used as daily food or extracting active substances as medicine, seaweed has extremely high-level of nutrients for human life. According to ancient medical classics include 《Compendium of Materia Medica》, 《Materia Medica Collection Notes》,and《Sea Herbs》, there are chronicles of using seaweed to treat various diseases

Black Rose Seed– The seeds of the black rose mainly come from Bulgaria, the world largest "rose" country of origin, well-known as the "Rose Country". "Rose" (actual known as: Rosa Damascena) had since ancient times been the divine product of beauty in everyone's mind. Roses can regulate endocrine, promote blood circulation and eliminate toxins from the body, eliminate pigmentation to improve skin tone, moisturize and replenish hydration to the skin and repair dull and dry skin.


<Ready-To-Go 2IN1 Marine Algae Masque>
1. Open the sachet, take the mask out, unfold the mask and place it in the facial mould tray. (Note: The facial mask with particles side face up.)
2. Pour an appropriate amount of clean warm water/flower dew gently to cover / soak the surface of the mask. Wait for 5 minutes for the particles to fully absorb the water and collagen gel released.
3. Apply it gently onto your face.  After applying for 20-30 minutes, take it off and rinse with water, followed by ordinary skin care application.
 (Note: The facial mask with particles side shall be placed onto your face)

<Lavender Essence Toner>
-Used as Toner.
After cleansing your face. Soak a cotton pad with this product, then swipe it over your face, neck, and chest; OR pour a generous amount of this product onto your palm and then press them onto your face; gently massage for skin absorption. For daily usage.

-Used as Face Mist spray.
Simply spray for soothing and hydrating purpose anytime.

-Used as Mask Mixer.
Simply pour an adequate amount of this product to mix with mask powder or marine algae particles.

-Used as Hair Spray.
Simply spray onto hair for smoother healthier hair and UV protection.

-Used as Mask.
Simply soak a mask sheet with this product, then apply it onto your face for 10min. Remove it before it dries out and followed by your routine skincare application.

-Used for Bath.
Simply pour an adequate amount of this product into your bathing water, for relaxing and skin nourishing.

产品规格/成分/净含量 :

薰衣草纯露精华 250ML
纯天然海藻面膜12g x 5pcs
黑玫瑰籽海藻面膜12g x 5pcs