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NATURAL CLEANSING BALM 【 天然甜橙卸妆膏 】 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

The natural cleansing balm infused with sweet orange essential oil , sea buckthorn oil, acerola fruit extract, papaya extract, propolis & many more nourishing plant extract ingredient. Gently and effectively removes 3 layers of impurities - makeup, pollutants and oil, while locking in moisture leaving the skin remains nourished. Easily dissolved in water, leaving no greasy residual feeling.

Key Features

* Effectively remove water-proof makeup on eyes & lips as well.

* Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and even during pregnancy.

* Free from Paraben / Alcohol/ Mineral oil / Artificial colouring.

* Non greasy feeling. 

Clean & Clear in just 3 simple steps:-

i) Scoop an appropriate amount of balm with dry clean hand. Apply the balm directly onto dry skin.

ii) Gently rub in circular motions until all impurities are removed.

iii) Massage with lure-warm water until all balm is dissolved (ie: appearing in white liquid form) and rinse thoroughly with water.


  • Although the ingredient is mild and non irritating, however it is recommended to perform a sensitivity test on the wrist or behind ear before use.
  • Keep it at dry place and away from heat or direct sunlight. The balm might melt in higher temperature condition & will re-form back to its balm texture once the temperature is normalized. This will not affect its application and benefit.
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